Campus Info

The mission of the Leander Extended Opportunity Center is to provide a safe, structured learning environment where students can achieve both behavioral and academic success.

Leander Extended Opportunity Center (LEO) is Leander Independent School District's disciplinary alternative school. LEO serves all grade levels of students (K-12) who commit major offenses or who are involved in a series of less serious offenses. Students are admitted to the LEO Center following a referral by the home campus. The highly structured environment and intense observation at the LEO Center is directed toward correcting the students' behavior immediately.

The school has been in operation since the 1985-86 school year. In its first years of operation the school was located in several portables on the Leander Middle School campus. Only five people worked at this school. The school moved into the district's original elementary school building in the fall of 1997. In December of 2000, one side of the building suffered major damage caused by a fire. The school continued to operate in the facility as the damaged area was repaired. The rest of the building was completely renovated and the school was reopened in 2004. The staff is very proud of our school and our students treat the facility with great care.