Elementary Students

What to Expect at LEO:

Students arrive by bus or parent vehicle by 7:30 am. The students go directly to the classroom with Mr. Porter, the elementary teacher. They begin each day with the pledges and a moment of silence as is done on all the LISD campuses. Immediately after the moment of silence, the teacher reviews campus expectations with the students. Once this is finished the students begin their class work.

The students work on the assignments sent by the home campus teacher. If the student finishes early the LEO teacher will give the student LEO assignments. Around 9:30 the students will break for a short physical education period. The students usually walk/run on the middle school track which is very close to the LEO Center. In bad weather, the students walk and do activities in the school's MPR.

Lunch is served at 11:30. The students go through the lunch line and return to the room to eat lunch. When lunch is over the students will begin working on the assignments they have been given. Around two o'clock the students will participate in self-discipline lessons.

Consistent discipline is maintained at all times. Students are expected to remain on task doing school assignments throughout the day. Communication between students is prohibited in order to maintain order and provide a secure environment. In the classrooms, behavior is monitored continuously.

Each elementary student has a daily self-discipline log. These discipline logs are attached to the student's desk and the teacher marks the log at the end of each period. Students can earn up to five points each period. If the student has followed the rules and completed an adequate amount of work, the student will receive credit for the period. If not, the teacher will withhold the credit. Students can earn up to five points each period. This frequent feedback helps the students understand how they are doing and allows them to self-correct if they see that they are not earning the necessary point for the day to officially count.

The program is designed to help students learn how to monitor their own behavior. At the end of each day, the teacher gives each student a summary of the points earned. This lets the student and parent know how their day went. A copy is also sent to the administrator who assigned the student to LEO. In almost all cases the students earn the necessary points to receive credit for the day.