Secondary Students

What to Expect at LEO:

Students arrive by bus or by parent vehicle from all of the different schools within the district. Each day begins with a silent reading period. We are very fortunate to have our own library. The library collection focuses on the types of books our students enjoy reading. Students may check books out weekly.

All students are assigned to a classroom on the first day. Unlike regular campuses, where students move from class to class, students at LEO remain at their assigned desks throughout the day. Teachers move from room to room to teach students. Students work independently with tutorial guidance and assistance from teachers and staff, in small groups, and occasionally in whole group lessons.

The students have eight academic periods each day. Each class period is 45 minutes long. Students keep all subjects on their schedule, including electives. This allows students to remain on track with their graduation plan. Additionally, we have built in a 30 minute lunch period. After eating the students are allowed to read until the next class begins. Students attend a daily exercise time held in our gym.

Consistent discipline is maintained at all times. The rules are read to the students daily. Students are expected to remain on task doing school assignments throughout the day. Communication between students is prohibited in order to maintain order and provide a secure environment. In the classrooms behavior is monitored continuously. Students are escorted to and from restrooms, to lunch, and to any small group classrooms. Our program is designed to keep schoolwork and academics as the main focus.

To help students understand our rules and expectations, the rules are thoroughly explained in an orientation on their first day. During this orientation, students are encouraged to ask questions and express their concerns. The orientation ensures that LEO rules and expectations are made clear. Additionally, LEO rules are read aloud in each classroom at the beginning of every day so that students are continually reminded of the kind of behavior we expect.

The LEO Center has two full time counselors on staff, academic counselor Shelly Hesson and social worker Wahlia Jones-Woolley.

Ms. Hesson provides various counseling services to our students. She meets individually with every student to go over high school credits and to help develop graduation plans. She assists with schedule changes and provides information on clock hours owed for loss of credit due to excessive absences, as well as community service hours needed to recover the credit. She conducts self-discipline classes. In addition, she serves as the LEO Center's 504 coordinator.

Ms. Jones-Woolley serves as our transition counselor and meets with students once they have returned to their home campuses.